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General Sun Tzu Art of War Corporate Business Strategy Administration Workshop Training Mumbai India

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Modern day Military Martial Systems based on Sun Tzu


Submitted by Sheetal Maniar,  Blackbelt Military Unarmed Combat

The Bison system is a system of Military Unarmed Combat based upon Jeet Kune Do concepts applied to close quarter combat. with principles of Sun Tzus Art of War.

The Rao couple, Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao and Dr. Seema Rao, spent 17 years of their life, researching & training over 15,000 soldiers from the Indian forces in Close Quarter Battle and Unarmed Combat. They have over three decades of professional expertise in various martial arts. They drew inspiration from their Teacher, Richard Bustillo, Original student of Bruce Lee and World authority on the art founded by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) in designing the Bison System.

Military Martial Arts have a singular goal – to terminate the enemy or opponent in the shortest possible time. During World War II UAC methods were hastily compiled by the Allies for training the armies world over. These methods were derived from traditional martial arts like Wrestling, Judo and Karate prevalent at that time. Even today, the modern day combatives are derived from BJJ< Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a ground fighting art). Martial art instructors are not familiar with the military applications & requirements and military instructors do not have a professional background in martial arts, other than the sport versions of Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo & Karate. The most recent addition to military martial arts is Krav Maga, an art centering on street fights, escapes from collar grabs, wrist grabs, neck locks and bear hugs, a scenario not applicable to the military, where silent and sudden termination tactics are the rule.

The doctor couple They have been ardent Jeet Kune Do enthusiasts and martial artists since decades. Their intense desire to be associated with Bruce Lee’s JKD was satisfied when Richard Bustillo took them as his private students. While teaching the Raos the skills of Bruce Lee’s art, he kept the emphasis on the defining concepts of Jeet Kune Do. He groomed the Rao’s  in the JKD CONCEPTS of Researching the subject at hand, Absorbing the useful while Rejecting the limitations and finally assimilating it  into your situation and Tailor making it to your requirement. He taught them that simplicity as in fewer resources, directness and efficiency may be used to decide what is useful and reject what is a limitation, in order to innovate the traditional practices as and when they fail.

The Rao couple took Bustillos teaching seriously. They applied it to their work for the Indian forces. They began researching the conventional WW2 methods of Close Quarter Battle with a newer perspective. The Jeet Kune Do perspective. They started researching the existing methodology of Close Combat,

The Jeet Kune Do concepts are a guideline to problem solving inside and outside the arena. The JKD concepts as understood by us can be summarized in brief as follows

A)   Research the truth or subject at hand: under guidance of an expert without any bias or preformed notions with an open minded approach

B)    Absorb what is useful & C) Reject what is useless: depending upon whether they meet the criteria of Simplicity & Economy of Resources, Directness and Efficiency.

D) Tailor make whatever has been absorbed to your self, your situation and requirement

Now applying JKD to the military martial art requirement, there is a need for an art which meets the following

A)   The Art must cater to no height, weight or age category

B)    All techniques must be aimed at termination or crippling vital targets

C)   All techniques must be simple, few in number, easy to learn

D)   All knock downs must take Less effort and the shortest possible time

E)    The Art must be principle based, allowing every individual to modify it to his advantage and constitution.

The Rao’s research led to a modern day art “The Bison System”. This military art has been developed by the Rao couple after 17 years of training the cross section of the Indian forces. Their efforts in modernization of Close Quarter Battle training has received two Army Chief appreciations. The Indian Bison or the Bos Gaurus is a very aggressive animal, standing 2 m tall, with 32 inch horns and weighing 2 tons. Its principle enemy is the Tiger, which it rushes head on and often gores to death. The Gaur Bison is not to be mixed with the American Bison, which is a timid animal often hunted and now almost extinct. The Gaur is also known for its principles, the entire herd standing in a circle around the calf confronting the tigers.

The Rao’s Bison system has the following JKD features

A)   Each opponent is fought with a different STRATEGY depending on his size, height & aggression level.

B)    ATTACK first, Attack fast, Attack hard and suddenly to force the opponent to adopt a defensive approach

C)   The appropriate RANGE or distance is to be selected depending on your advantage and to the opponent’s disadvantage.

D)   The hardest parts of the body are used against the softest parts and VITAL organs of the opponent.

E)    The best available ANGLE is selected to attack the opponent and disrupt his defense.

F)    Attack is launched at the appropriate LEVEL (Head, Body, Groin, Leg levels) depending upon the height of the opponent.

G)   Attack is always launched in rapid COMBINATIONS rather than singular, giving the opponent no time to think.

H)   A correct STATE (Ice-Static, Water-Bobbing, Gas-Prancing) of engagement is adopted depending upon stature of the opponent.

The Rao’s extensively applied JKD to Close quarter battle skills resulting in the art “ACCS- Advanced Commando Combat System” The Unarmed combat component of which is known today as the Bison System. The Raos then incorporated their research into their book “Encyclopaedia of Close Combat Ops” in 2009. They produced this book using all the money they had earned over the years. This book was gifted to the Indian Forces. The Home Minister of India felicitated the Rao couple for their work and ordered distribution of the Raos research book to its every force in the country. The Rao’s book was accepted and appreciated by the Queen of UK-Buckingham Palace, Office of the Interpol Secretary General & the FBI Director and placed in their libraries. The book is currently being distributed to all major Law enforcement agencies in all major cities of the USA & the world by the Rao’s, for their benefit, without any charges or compensation, as a service to the international LE community, to aid the fight against terror.

Today the torch of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do is carried by a few good men. Sifu Richard Bustillo, the Iron Dragon of JKD, continues to educate his students worldwide in Jeet Kune Do. His second generation JKD instructors like the Rao’s  have taken Bustillo Jeet Kune Do and applied it to many aspects of life. The Raos stand testimony to  JKD touching the military in every facet of Close Quarter Battle. What is more important is that the Raos have made sure that their research & work of their life is available to all the forces who are involved in the fight for terror.

Almost all the elite Special Op forces of India have been trained by the Rao couple. The Rao’s have helped in modernizing the Counter Terror CQB training curriculum of various Indian forces.  Many of the special operation units of the Indian forces have gone on record stating that they have benefited immensely from Rao’s expertise in Close Quarter Battle training.

Today, world over, the Bison system is regarded as the most modern military martial art.

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